Best 25 Ubuntu News Websites and Blogs

Linux is an open-source operating system and Ubuntu is one of its very popular distros which is rapidly increasing its user base. With Linux and its distros, one can learn and do a lot of things. In simple words, Linux is an ocean of knowledge and endless opportunities. Many people reading this article will claim that they know everything about Linux and they are expert at Ubuntu but this is not the case because there are many things you don’t know about Linux.

This article is dedicated to everyone using Ubuntu, right from the noobs to the Linux professionals. Today I am going to give you list of Top 25 Ubuntu news websites and blogs which you guys will find very helpful to learn more about Linux and its distros. The website listed here cover all the minor details such as How-to guides, news, tutorials and everything you need to know about Linux.

  1. OMG! Ubuntu!

Launched in 2009, OMG! Ubuntu! is one of the best Ubuntu news site available on the internet. It covers all the latest news from the Linux world such as new releases, updates, and application based articles. It keeps you updated with the reviews and the every minor news from the Linux world. It also covers some tutorials and How-to articles.

  1. TecMint

TecMint is another popular Linux blog on my list, it is very popular for its How-to articles, tutorials and in-depth guides to almost every question or concern about Linux and its distros. It also covers all the latest Linux news and updates. This website is an ocean of knowledge about Linux, it covers useful Linux commands and tricks which you will find very useful especially if you are new to Linux operating system.

  1. UbuntuPIT

If you’re not sure about which software to use or install on Ubuntu in particular category then UbuntuPit is the best website for you. It covers in-depth reviews of the various application softwares in different categories with comparison. It covers different articles in Top 10, Top 20, etc. categories which you will find useful to find what you need.

  1. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is basically a tech website which covers latest tech news and gadgets reviews. But is doesn’t stop there, it also covers Linux news and other reviews, How-to articles on regular basis. You will find some really interesting and engaging articles about Linux and its distros. There are some tips and tricks are also covered to boost your Ubuntu experience.

  1. It’s FOSS

It’s FOSS is another Linux and open-source dedicated news website on my list alongside OMG! Ubuntu!. It covers shell and kernel based articles which can be very useful for developers and Linux administrators. There is also good collection of How-to and application review articles for every Linux user.

  1. Linux And Ubuntu

Linux and Ubuntu should be the first Linux website on the every Linux noobs list, because it offers Linux courses which can be followed by beginners as well Linux professionals. Apart from that it also covers latest news from Linux and open-source world, app reviews and many engaging articles.

  1. Web Upd8

Web Upd8 is one of the most trusted Linux blogs when it comes to user interactions. It offers several PPAs for Ubuntu           and many tutorials and How-to guides for various Linux applications and services. Web Upd8 will keep you updated with latest developments in Ubuntu and GNOME environments.

  1. Tips On Ubuntu

Tips On Ubuntu is simple but very useful website for Ubuntu users as it covers small and tiny articles featuring tips and tricks to improve Ubuntu experience for users. It also covers latest updates and releases of applications with guide to install them.

  1. Phoronix

Phoronix is another website on my list covering latest news from tech world with more focus on developments in the Linux and open-source world. It also provides hardware reviews, open-source benchmarks and monitors Linux performance.

  1. Tech Drive-In

Tech Drive-In is an all-in-one website for tech savvy peoples out there; it covers all the latest news from tech world with timely updates from Linux and its distros. It also covers gaming reviews focus on Linux and Steam. Its Distro Wars section is amazing as it covers round up of latest developments in various operating systems.

  1. UbuntuHandBook

UbuntuHandBook is the one stop for all the latest Linux News, Ubuntu PPAs and reviews on latest application releases. This website offers short and simple step-by-step guides to install applications and updates. Other Linux distros are also covered well on this website.

  1. Unixmen

Unixmen is another very useful Linux news website on my list which covers How-to articles, Tips and Tricks, tutorials and open-source news. It covers all the latest news and updates from most popular Linux distros such as Ubuntu, LinuxMint, Fedora, CentOS and others.

  1. Ubuntu Geek

Having a trouble running any application? Or don’t know actually how to use it? No worries, Ubuntu Geek has everything covered for you, right from the easy to understand tutorials to tips and tricks. It has many installation guides for various applications too, which are explained in simple way.

  1. Linux-News

Linux-News from the Blogosphere is a simple and useful blog for everything Linux and open-source. It covers installation guides, How-to articles and latest news as well as updates from Linux and open-source community.

  1. nixCraft

nixCraft offers some really good content which can be very useful for beginners as well as professionals. It offers in-depth Linux shell scripting tutorials, and other developer news and How-to articles.

  1. NoobsLab

I will recommend NoobsLab especially for those who are just beginners in development as it offers some really good tutorials for noobs.It also covers Python 3 tutorials, ebooks and themes for various Linux distros. It doesn’t stop there; it also covers latest from Linux and open-source world with some tips and tricks articles too.

  1. opensource

As the name suggests, opensource covers all the latest news and updates from open-source world. It has good collection of useful resources for Linux developers and administrators. This is the huge collection of endless knowledge which you will find very useful at any point of your professional career.

  1. Reddit Linux

Reddit Linux is more or less similar to community of developers and publishers, as it covers everything from Linux and GNU/Linux. It covers the roundup of latest software updates, latest releases of various Linux distros and all the latest developments from Linux and open-source world.

  1. Linux Journal

Linux Journal is a kind of magazine for all the latest news and update from Linux and its distros. You can also subscribe to its digital edition which lets you get connected to open-source community.

  1. Linux Scoop

Linux Scoop is all about latest releases and updates of Linux and its distributions. But there is one thing that makes this news blog different from the others listed here is that it doesn’t publish articles rather it offers short but very useful videos.

  1. Linux Insider

LinuxInsider is another tech blog on my list which covers Linux and other tech news as well as reviews from all corners of the world. It covers ample of updates from community, developers and enterprises.

  1. Fossbytes

Fossbytes is one of the best tech news and review website out there on the internet. It covers everything from tiny application updates to full gaming reviews on different gaming consoles and operating system platforms.

  1. LifeHacker Ubuntu

LifeHacker is another decent website to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news from Linux and open-source community. Installation guides and How-to articles are short and simple, Linux noobs will find them useful and easy to understand.

  1. Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine, you can buy this in .PDF file or read all the latest news articles directly from its website. Having more focus on news and updates from open-source developer community, it covers Linux and its distros too. System administrators and developers will find this interesting and useful.

  1. Linux Today

Linux Today is a simple blog which covers roundup of latest releases from Linux and other open-source communities. It also introduces you to various developer tools with beginner’s guides and tutorials.


So these are the Best 25 Ubuntu news and blogs you must follow to keep yourself updated with Ubuntu and its latest releases. If you guys follow any other blog or website other than those which are listed here, then feel free to share your thoughts at @LinuxHint & @SwapTirthakar.

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