Download and Install Fonts on Ubuntu

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You may not even bother to care but fonts are one of the most crucial things that every single computer system in the world must have. Fonts enable the machine to communicate with us, humans, in the form of human languages. Computers don’t understand what “P” or “d” is. All they know is binary numbers – 1 and 0.  There are tons of available fonts in the world that can enhance your system to look more attractive and soothing. On the internet, you can find out a number of available fonts for all the platforms.  Ubuntu is one of the major Linux distros, used by thousands of people every day. Let’s have a look at installing fonts on Ubuntu.

Getting your favorite fonts

Before you install a font, you have to get them first. There are a number of sources for getting cool and brilliant fonts. There are tons of available source but I like Google Fonts the most. Feel free to grab all your font(s) you like from anywhere you like.

Collected all your favorite fonts? Good! Time to install them in your system!

Installing fonts

I’ll be using Thunar file manager for this purpose as it’s more advanced and offers better control over your actions. Run the following commands –

# Install Thunar
sudo apt install thunar

# Start Thunar
sudo thunar

Grab all your font files (TTF/OTF files) and combine them in one place.

Select all and copy the fonts.

Now, navigate to “/home/<username>”.

Press “Ctrl + H” to enable showing hidden file(s)/folder(s).

Create a new folder “.fonts”.

Paste all the fonts into the folder.

Rebuild system font cache.

sudo fc-cache -f -v

Restart your system to make sure that all the apps know about the fonts.

Ensuring font integration with the system

Font installation is complete, time to check things out. Start LibreOffice Writer.

All the fonts are installed successfully!


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